The EHX Epitome Mulit-Effects Pedal – Review & Demo

Electro-Harmonix Epitome Guitar Effects Pedal

One of the little perks of being a blog writer is that I get to review some pretty cool gagets. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of guitar effects pedals from Electro-Harmonix to review for Guitar Muse, and they’ve been quite a bit of fun to play with. The latest toy sent my way was the EHX Epitome – a multi-effects pedal that combines EHX’s Micro POG (octave generator), Stereo Electric Mistress (chorus/flanger) and Holy Grail Plus (reverb).

The Epitome is a great sounding pedal. Each effect section holds its own and doesn’t skimp on quality compared to their stand alone versions. The fact that you get three effects in one pretty much makes the Epitome worth it, but the real value in this pedal comes from the shear mess of crazy tones you can achieve by combining the effects.

Some of the sounds coming out of this thing don’t even sound like a guitar! You’ll have to hear it yourself to really know what I’m talking about. Luckily, I did a video demo, which you can check out along with my full review over at

Check out my full review of the Epitome on Guitar Muse.