Review and Demo On The EHX Crying Tone

This article was originally written for Guitar-Muse –

The EHX Crying Tone – A Rocking Wah Pedal

The first wah pedal was introduced in 1966 and since then the design has not changed much: a bunch of moving parts and potentiometer that eventually wears out over time. In the 90s the wah got its first upgrade in design with switchless optical sensors but still remained fundamentally the same. Well now after over half a century of same ol’, same ol’, EHX has changed the game completely with the Crying Tone: the first wah pedal with absolutely no moving parts.


Technology is a wonderful thing! And the same technology that allows your smartphone to automatically switch over from portrait to landscape view is what allows for the Crying Tone’s innovative design.

From the top it looks like a normal wah pedal but flip it over and you’ll notice the pedal mechanism is totally different. The bottom of the Crying Tone is beveled to allow the user to rock it back and forth with their foot. Movement is sensed by an accelerometer inside, which controls the frequency sweep.

Since there are no moving parts, it’s built like a brick. Constructed as one solid piece with some pretty hefty mass to it, the Crying Tone won’t fly all over the floor when you use it.

On either side of the pedal you’ll find the calibration button (for when the Crying Tone is not on a flat surface), a 9V DC input (also takes a 9V battery) and the in and out jacks, which are strategically placed at the fulcrum point so not to interfere with operation. Finally, on the top of the Crying Tone is the EHX logo which lights up and blinks red so you actually know when the pedal is on! That’s really all there is to it – innovation in simplicity.