My Performance With Ayah Marar Of “Beg Borrow Steal”

A little while ago I sat down with U.K. drum and bass artist, Ayah Marar, to perform 3 songs for the pop music website . One of the songs we did was Calvin Harris’s “Thinking About You,” on which Ayah is the featured vocalist. I posted about that performance back in August (check it out here). But ever since then Idolator had been sitting on the two other performances we had done. That is, until now.

Ayah’s newest single “Beg Borrow Steal” released a few weeks ago, so it was obviously a perfect opportunity for to post up our exclusive acoustic performance of the song. You can check out the short article and the video of the performance on the Idolator website. Or just watch the video below.

There is one other video still in the back pocket. I’m not sure if Idolator plans to post it or not, but as soon as they do I’ll be sure to share.

In the meantime, enjoy this acoustic performance of “Beg Borrow Steal” with Ayah Marar, featuring yours truly on guitar.