Private Guitar Lessons

Dave Willard teaches guitar lessons in Morristown New Jersey and the Morris County area. Guitar lessons are available to students of all ages and skill levels. Dave can teach from his home studio in Morristown, NJ and offers in-home lessons, traveling to many towns in Morris County, NJ and surrounding areas.

Lessons are generally scheduled on a weekly basis. Lesson times available on Dave’s schedule are currently very limited! Please email to see what’s available, and include your location.


There are a multitude of guitar teachers in the world, why study with Dave Willard? Here’s a short list.

  1. Experience – Dave has been teaching for over 15 years now. In addition to his private student he’s worked with 5 different music schools over the years. He’s personally helped well over 200 different students in his career and has worked with kids and adults, beginners and more advanced players alike.
  2. Professionalism – Dave brings a professional attitude to teaching lessons with a focus on satisfying you, the customer.
  3. Convenience – Dave will travel to you. Great for parents who are simply too busy to drive your kids to yet another activity.
  4. Knowledge – Dave knows his stuff. A self professed music theory master, he has a Bachelor of Music from William Paterson University.
  5. Versitile – Dave doesn’t just specialize in teaching one style of music. Learn everything from classical, to jazz, to straight up rock and roll, or even legatto shredding styles.
  6. Fun – What good is learning to play guitar if you find it boring? Dave will make it fun and help you learn what you’re interested in.

Rates and Payment

Contact for current lesson rates.

Cancellation Policy

Pay as You Go Students: If you have a scheduling conflict, Dave is happy to try to reschedule your lesson for another time. If you have to cancel, 24 hour notice is required. If you do not give the required notice, Dave reserves the right to with hold a make up and charge for the lesson.

Monthly Payment Students: Once you pay for a month of lessons, you must use the lessons up within the time period paid for, plus 2 weeks. For example, if you pay for 4 lessons, you must use the lessons with in 6 weeks. Any lessons not used  with in the required time period will expire.

Cancellations do not require 24 hour notice in this case, although it is appreciated. You are encouraged to reschedule cancelled lessons as soon as possible. Dave is always happy to teach make up lessons. Keep in mind, however, that at this time Dave can only guarantee 1 make up lesson per week.

No shows will not be given make ups. A no show is when a student is not present for his/her lesson and has failed to give any prior notification of a cancellation.

Unused lessons, even if they have yet to expire, can not carry over as credit for payment on the next block of lessons.

If for any reason Dave must cancel on you, you will either receive a make up or a credit. A make up lesson in this case will never expire. Dave also reserves the right to make exceptions to his cancellation policy at his own discretion.


Lessons will not be held on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.