Interview With Guthrie Govan And Bryan Beller Of The Aristocrats

The Aristocrats

I recently got the opportunity to interview one of my very favorite guitar players, Guthrie Govan and the amazing bassist Bryan Beller about the new Aristocrats album “Culture Clash.” Well, full disclosure, it was an email interview. These two guys are super busy and often not even in the same time zone at the same time. Still, I’m thrilled to have been able to ask these guys a bunch of questions! And actually, interviewing two guys over email, not as easy as it sounds.

Nevertheless, I think my questions got some pretty good responses from Bryan and Guthrie. The most insightful part being that they both go in depth about the gear they used on the album and the recording process. I though that was really cool.


“Culture Clash” comes out on July 16th. I was among the privileged few (or so I’d like to think) to get an advanced copy. Let me tell you, this album is killer! A little different than the last record. I’d say more experimental on the part of the band and more artistic. Definitely check it out!

The Aristocrats - Culture Clash Art

The Aristocrats – Culture Clash Art