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Check Out My Interview With Maragold

I’ve been a fan of guitarist Greg Howe for a while now. So it was quite exciting when Guitar-Muse asked me if I wanted to be the one to interview Greg Howe’s new band Maragold. I had done a review of the band’s debut album for Guitar-Muse back in April, so I guess I was the perfect candidate to run the interview.

It was a great experience because I got to talk to the entire band over the phone. For just my second phone interview ever, I think it turned out pretty well. You can check out the entire interview on the Guitar-Muse website at the following link.

Interview With Greg Howe’s Maragold

Interview With Guthrie Govan And Bryan Beller Of The Aristocrats

The Aristocrats

I recently got the opportunity to interview one of my very favorite guitar players, Guthrie Govan and the amazing bassist Bryan Beller about the new Aristocrats album “Culture Clash.” Well, full disclosure, it was an email interview. These two guys are super busy and often not even in the same time zone at the same time. Still, I’m thrilled to have been able to ask these guys a bunch of questions! And actually, interviewing two guys over email, not as easy as it sounds.

Nevertheless, I think my questions got some pretty good responses from Bryan and Guthrie. The most insightful part being that they both go in depth about the gear they used on the album and the recording process. I though that was really cool.


“Culture Clash” comes out on July 16th. I was among the privileged few (or so I’d like to think) to get an advanced copy. Let me tell you, this album is killer! A little different than the last record. I’d say more experimental on the part of the band and more artistic. Definitely check it out!

The Aristocrats - Culture Clash Art

The Aristocrats – Culture Clash Art

Check Out My Feature On

Thumbtack Feature: Dave Willard Guitar Lessons

I’ve been using the website,, for a few years now. They’re a great website that connects service professionals with customers. If you search for guitar teachers in the Morristown or Morris County, NJ area, you’ll see me as one of the higher rated teachers in the area. Thumbtack has been a helpful tool for me to find new students.

Just recently, the website contacted me about doing a brief interview and featuring my guitar teaching business on the website. I was honored of course. The feature just went live early this week. You can see it at the following link, on the right hand side. You’ll just have to scroll down a bit.

I’m really not sure why I’m so prominently featured in East Orange NJ. They tell me it’s something to do with the website’s algorithms.

In any case I’m thankful to have been chosen for the spot light. My thanks go out to the Thumbtack team and Ashley their social media specialist for giving me this opportunity!

Thumbtack Feature: Dave Willard Guitar Lessons

Thumbtack Feature: Dave Willard Guitar Lessons

Interview With Jamie Simpson Of Booya! Amplifiers

Booya! Amps

I call Jamie Simpson of Booya! Amplifiers the Burger King of amp builders because you get to have it your way. I first met Jamie at a friendly jam; he actually lugged an old Hammond organ and a huge leslie cabinet out for the jam. It was totally overkill but man, did it sound great! And the jam was a lot of fun. Later I came to find out that we had a lot of mutual friends and acquaintances and he had his own custom guitar amp company, Booya!

Fast forward a few months and I finally got the chance to come into his shop and play a few of the Booyas! His amps have some seriously great tone! I was really loving what I heard. So I took the opportunity to interview Jamie about amp building for an article with Guitar Muse. I mean it’s not everyday you meet a great custom amp builder.

Check out the full article here on Guitar Muse:

And you can find out more about Booya! on Facebook